Why This 406-Foot Bryce Harper Shot Is The Most Impressive HR You’ll Ever See

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

Another day, another Bryce Harper home run that makes opponents look like they’ve seen Abraham Lincoln’s ghost.

This time, the degree of difficulty was cranked up so hard the knob broke off.

Harper’s bat snapped off at the handle, and still the Washington Nationals slugger had enough to muscle the pitch 406 feet over the fence in an 8-6 victory over the rival New York Mets.

I know.

With his shot in the first inning, Harper joined an exclusive list of players beastly enough to propel a ball out of the park with a sawed-off bat.

But of this group of the most visually impressive dingers ever, Harper sits at the top.

Here’s a highlight reel of broken bat home runs from Jack Howell, Barry Bonds, Justin Upton, and Mark Teixeira.

Chris Davis did it once too.

As did Andruw Jones.

But all of these guys had several factors on their sides.

All, save for Jones’ monstrous 418-foot shot, barely snuck their broken bat home runs out of parks that heavily favor batters. And they all came in weather conducive to home runs: Teixeira’s was the only one that wasn’t launched in the summer, and his was cracked in late May.

Then there’s the pitchers. Howell hit his off Tim Stoddard, Upton off Jeff Karstens, and Jones off Geoff Geary. Not exactly shining examples of pitching dominance.

The pitch that Harper sent packing, however, came from the hand of All-Star ace Jacob deGrom. It also happened in the home run-killing cold — the temperature sat in the mid-40s for the game’s first pitch, with 12 mph winds blowing left to right. And, at 406 feet, the poor baseball made it out with ease.

In other words …