No. 4 Arizona’s Upset Loss To No. 13 Buffalo Proves How Pathetic The Pac-12 Is

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

Hey, remember when a Pac-12 team was heated because they’d been left out of the NCAA tournament? Apparently, the selection committee was just saving USC the embarrassment.

Because with No. 4 Arizona’s first-round upset loss at the hooves of the No. 13 Buffalo Bulls — and following UCLA and Arizona State losses in the First Four — what’s supposedly a Power 5 conference now has zero teams in the tournament, and we’re only halfway done with the Round of 64.

The Wildcats got manhandled by the Bulls, despite the presence of beastly big man Deandre Ayton, the likely No. 2 overall pick in the upcoming NBA draft who allegedly cost the school $100,000 to land.

Their losing despite a roster so talented they reportedly had to cheat to assemble it is just the final nail in the coffin sealing the Pac-12 in with its trash fate.

Some other facts about how embarrassing the Pac-12 is:

  • Fewer people watched the Pac-12 title game than watched the title games for three different mid-major conferences: the Mountain West, the Atlantic-10, and the West Coast Conference. Oh, and a non-PPV boxing event also beat out its ratings.
  • Just one day into the actual tournament, the A-10, the Big South, and the SWAC all have more March Madness wins than the Pac-12.
  • Overall, Pac-12 basketball teams had losing seasons against teams from the AAC, the ACC, the Big 12, the Big East, and the Big Ten.
  • UCLA’s basketball team had three players so dumb that they couldn’t travel to China without sparking an international incident.
  • And at least two teams, USC and Arizona, are implicated in the FBI’s investigation into illegal recruiting — again, they might’ve cheated to suck this badly.

And that’s just Pac-12 basketball.

On the football side, the Pac-12 didn’t even sniff the College Football Playoff, with USC finishing the season ranked 12th nationally. Oh, and the conference also set a Power 5 record for bowl losses in a season, going 1-8; that one win was a Utah victory over a West Virginia team playing without its starting quarterback.

The Pac-12 is officially a mid-major conference.