The Heat And Bulls Combine For One Of The Ugliest Quarters In NBA History

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

The lowly Chicago Bulls and middling Miami Heat made history on Sunday. And not the kind they’d like to be remembered for. Thankfully for them, they melted the eyeballs right out of the sockets of anyone unfortunate enough to be subjected to their initial quarter of play.

On a day that typically belongs to the NFL, the two NBA teams (for now) combined to end the first quarter with an embarrassingly football-esque score: the Bulls led the Heat 13-7 after the first period.


According to Basketball Reference, the teams’ combined 20 points account for the third-lowest-scoring first quarter since the invention of the shot clock, narrowly escaping the rock-fisted clutches of the 2004-05 Portland Trail Blazers and New Jersey Nets (19 points) and the 1956-57 Syracuse Nationals and Fort Wayne Pistons (18!).

The Heat responded by rattling off an impressive 93 points over the next three quarters for a 100-93 victory.