Baker Mayfield Hung Up On Brett Favre’s Agent For The Best Reason

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

Barring an unforeseen plunge down draft boards, Baker Mayfield will hear his name announced tomorrow during the first round of the 2018 NFL Draft.

When the Heisman-winning quarterback does, it won’t be with Bus Cook, agent to Hall of Fame quarterback Brett Favre, by his side.

Not because Cook didn’t try to land the former Oklahoma Sooners quarterback. He did.

He just lodged his foot so far down his throat during the process that it came out the other side.

“Bus Cook, Brett Favre’s agent, great story,” the quarterback said on the Facebook series “Behind Baker.” “Every agent does the same thing, they give their resume, what they’re about, all this stuff. Finally, when he was about to give me a chance to talk, he asked, ‘So, when did (former Sooners head coach) Bob Stoops start recruiting you?’ And I literally — I said, ‘Excuse me?’ And he repeated the question. I said, ‘Yeah, I gotta go.’ And I just hung up.”

The disrespect.

Mayfield ended up going with Capital Sports Advisors, who, it’s safe to assume, knew that the QB transferred from Texas Tech to Oklahoma in 2014 without contacting the Sooners coaching staff, then walked on.

One solid anecdote does not make a winning quarterback, but it should be of relative comfort to fans of whatever team drafts Mayfield that their new quarterback won’t take s— from anyone, intentional or otherwise.