Cam Newton Admits He Let ‘Fans and Family’ Down at Post-Super Bowl Press Conference

Bradley Whitaker
(Photo: Getty)

After a dazzling 2015 season that landed him his first career MVP award, Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton left things on a sour note after walking out of his Super Bowl postgame press conference crankier than a Labrador going to the groomers.

But nearly 12 weeks later, Newton has had time to reflect on his presser that left many disappointed with his handling of the situation.

Newton told Ebony (via ESPN’s David Newton) that he could have done a better job, understanding the influence he has on his fans.

“The truth is, I represent something way bigger than myself. I'm doing it for [my fans and family] and I felt like I let them down.”

The MVP explained he didn’t have much time to process his emotions after taking a tough loss in the biggest game of his life. And considering Newton was still wearing much of his uniform, it looks like he went straight to the podium after the game.

“Who is anyone to tell me, 'Man, it's just an interview?’ You haven't been in that situation. You didn't have millions of people watching you. Your heart wasn't pumping [with] the embarrassment or the anxiety of the stress of dealing with that type of game.”

“I just wasn't ready to talk. Was I mad? Hell, yeah! But there could have been a better way to control it, and that's why I think having more time would have helped.”

Next year’s Super Bowl committee (or the media) has to do a better job of handling the postgame press conferences. While it’s no excuse for Newton’s actions, the losing team shouldn’t have to be interviewed immediately after the game. Not to mention, Cam was in the same room as Broncos corner Chris Harris, who was being asked questions a few feet away. The winning team shouldn’t even be on the same side of the stadium as the losing team, not participating in the same presser.