Cam Newton Feeds 900 Kids, Holds Dab Contest at ‘Cam’s Thanksgiving Jam’

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty)

Cam Newton is the man.

Last week, he was singled out by a not-so-subtly racist open letter penned to him from an angry mom who thought his "arrogant struts" ruined the NFL experience for her daughter.

(Thankfully the sensitive parent didn't watch any of the Arizona Cardinals game that week.)

And instead of responding directly, the Carolina Panthers quarterback has done what he's been doing since entering the league: be the role model that one tone-deaf mother accused him of not being. (Newton did acknowledge the letter, which induced a still-condescending apology from the mother.)

After giving all five of his touchdowns against the Washington Redskins away to kids on Sunday, Newton held his fourth annual Cam's Thanksgiving Jam on Monday, an event he hosts and pays for that provides members of the Charlotte Boys and Girls Club with a holiday party, presents, and a Thanksgiving feast.

In classic Cam style, he also held a dab contest.

In all, Newton fed 900 kids in attendance.


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