Cameraman Is So Pissed When Bus Blocks View Of Georgia Dome Implosion At The Last Second


(Photo: YouTube)

It took about 15 seconds and 4,800 pounds of explosives to bring down the stadium the Atlanta Falcons once called home, and at least one news outlet on the scene to report on the Georgia Dome implosion missed it. 

There’s a reason the Weather Channel is not called the Weather and Traffic Channel.

At least one employee of the company isn’t very familiar with Atlanta’s transit system or the general concept of roads, lest he might have set his camera up in a less mind-numbingly dumb location to view the demolition of the stadium that housed the Falcons from 1992 to 2016.

When a bus pulled in front of the camera to interrupt its operator’s money shot, he was less than pleased.

“No, bus, get out the way!” said our intrepid camera operator, who we’re assuming had to walk to this job just like he walks everywhere he goes. “Bus! Jesus, get out of the way, bus! Are you … Are you … Aaghhhh. What the f— … God damn it. Damn, lady!”

Because this is technically, in some small way, a sports story, Sports Illustrated had some fun with the viral moment, showing the bus interrupt some of the most memorable scenes in sports history.

Here’s a clean shot of the destruction, being carried out to make room for a parking lot.

Falling apart in what feels like no time at all? It truly was the Falcons’ stadium.