Cardinals’ Lance Lynn Has The Funniest Reaction To Being Hit In The Head With A Line Drive

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

Lance Lynn slogged through six innings of work yesterday, managing to hold the the Kansas City Royals to two earned runs despite surrendering six hits and five walks in a game his team would eventually win 8-6.

But 11 baserunners isn’t all Lance Lynn survived—he took a screamer of a line drive from Lorenzo Cain off the head.

As he’s want to do, Lynn held court with reporters after sustaining the third-inning shot and remaining in the game to help his team to victory.

His first thoughts upon getting struck in the head with a line drive? That his second baseman should have caught the ball on the fly.

“I thought it should have been caught! Where’s Kolten [Wong] at on the ricochet?” a smiling Lynn asked in the clubhouse following the victory.

Then a reporter asked him about his meeting with the team trainer on the mound following the incident.

“So they’re looking into your eyes to make sure that you’re clear—” he managed before Lynn interrupted him.

“Yeah, and I stared back in their soul and told them to go to the dugout.”

The veteran has long been one of the more reliably funny characters in the majors. In 2013, he claimed to have overcome weight issues in part by switching from beer to vodka.

“I’m allowed to drink vodka and water,” he said. “That’s it.”

The 30-year-old is having a fantastic season after missing all of 2016 due to Tommy John surgery. Through a National League-leading 24 starts, the big righty owns an ERA of 3.12 (good for fifth in the league among qualified pitchers) and has struck out 117 batters through 138.2 innings. The 2012 All-Star is fifth in the NL in hits per nine innings, at 6.815, and seventh in WHIP, at 1.147.

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