Carlos Correa Trolls Yasiel Puig With Epic Bat Flip In Record-Breaking Game 2 Of World Series

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

Some jackass tried to get onto the field with the likes of Carlos Correa and Yasiel Puig during Game 2 of the World Series.

He failed, getting caught before he could even touch the ground.

He’ll be kicking himself too. Not just because he likely spent the night behind bars, but because he missed perhaps the most insane ending to a World Series game in the over 100 years the fall classic has been taking place.

The teams combined to hit eight home runs, a World Series record—but six of them came in the ninth inning later, as the back-and-forth, bat flip-laden affair didn’t end until the 11th inning.

One of the late dingers came off the bat of Carlos Correa, who went back-to-back with Jose Altuve in the 10th to give his squad a 5-3 lead.

He celebrated by skying his bat into the air, finding a camera, and wagging his tongue for it.

The bat flip and the tongue wag have been hallmarks of Puig’s postseason.



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Any doubt that this was a troll job came after Correa’s Houston Astros team escaped with a 7-6 victory, when he quoted Puig’s tongue-in-cheek (so to speak) excuse for flipping his bat.

In the bottom half of the same inning, Puig responded with a homer of his own, and a troll job of his own—gently placing his bat in the dirt so as not to upset baseball’s whiny purists.

Puig, the present’s undisputed king of on-field fun, was all for Correa’s emotional display in the biggest game of either player’s life.

“I loved it,” Puig said after the loss. “It was a little bit higher than the bat flips I normally do; he was happy and that’s the way you should play in the World Series. Not everybody gets to play in a place like this. It’s good that [Correa] plays like that and it’s good that Latino players are able to contribute that way. He wasn’t batting too well and he was only getting a few hits and when he got the home run, it was a moment for him to be happy. I’m glad to that he was able to celebrate that.”