Maybe 2 Teams Paying To Get Rid Of Carmelo In The Same Day Will Humble Him? (Just Kidding)

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

In September, Carmelo Anthony literally laughed at the idea of coming off the bench.

In a span of hours on Thursday, two NBA teams resolved to fork over a ton of assets just to ensure Melo wouldn’t be on their respective rosters.

The Thunder traded him to the Hawks, and had to attach a first-round pick and take back Dennis Schroder’s awful contract to pull it off.

Not only does the move save OKC almost $100 million due to the luxury tax …

… it also means Anthony can longer waste Thunder possessions by firing bricks off the backboard. Those possessions can instead go to good, decent, and bad-but-still-way-better-than-Melo players.

The Hawks were a miserable 24-58 last season. They didn’t want him either, forking over $27.9 million so he’d stay away from the squad.

The Rockets need a forward who can space the floor and grind on defense. With Chris Paul and James Harden, they’re not lacking in offensive creation. 

Will Melo be able to swallow his pride and accept such a role should he join Houston?

Mountains of evidence, sitting atop a brick foundation, suggest no.