Report: Carmelo Anthony Has ‘No Interest’ in Rejoining the New York Knicks

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

It might have taken him six years longer than everyone else, but Carmelo Anthony finally gets it: The New York Knicks are toxic and likely won’t win anything so long as James Dolan owns the once hallowed franchise.

According to a report from ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, Anthony’s current desire is to be traded to the Houston Rockets, where his old friend Chris Paul has joined forces with MVP runner-up James Harden.

Still, at a press conference to announce the hiring of new Knicks general manager Steve Perry, president Steve Mills suggested the team would hold on to their leading scoring, likely an attempt to enhance the trade value of a player with a no-trade clause who can essentially pick his destination.

“We’ve been in contact with Carmelo’s representatives. We’ve been in contact with other teams,” Mills said on Monday. “Our view is if there’s an opportunity that works for Carmelo and works for us, then we’ll look at some kind of trade. But we also feel that Carmelo could easily be a part of our team next year.

“We’re going to move forward so maybe with Carmelo or without Carmelo.”

If a trade doesn’t come to fruition and the rebuilding Knicks’ willingness to keep Anthony on the roster is just a bluff, look for the two sides to seek a buyout agreement before the season kicks off.

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