How The Thunder Could Use Carmelo Anthony’s Idiocy To Vastly Improve The Roster

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

Carmelo Anthony apparently hasn’t yet watched the film from his Thunder’s first-round playoff exit at the hands of the Jazz.

Because no one could see any five-minute stretch featuring Anthony and determine he should start for OKC.

Carmelo still doesn’t get it

“Yeah, I’m not sacrificing no bench role,” Anthony told reporters on Saturday, a day after the Thunder’s Game 6 loss to Utah. “That’s out of the question.”

Considering his play throughout the season and the playoffs, the 10-time All-Star’s lack of self-awareness is truly staggering.

But perhaps Anthony’s embarrassingly high opinion of himself will play into OKC’s favor. The team is unfortunately on the hook to pay him $28 million in 2018-19, unless he chooses to utilize his early termination clause.

Since he’s so staunchly opposed to coming off the bench, however, perhaps he’d do the unthinkable and walk away from all that guaranteed money if the team refused to start him.

If Melo were to depart, the Thunder would be about $45 million under the cap, with plenty to spend on bringing in high-end free agents and enticing Paul George, who’ll likely opt out of the last year of his deal, to return.

The theory has two gaping holes.

One, Thunder head coach Billy Donovan didn’t even have the balls to bench Melo when it mattered most, which isn’t an encouraging sign that he’ll be able to do it in the offseason.

And two, Melo has to have financial advisors honest enough to tell him that a new contract wouldn’t even yield $28 million over three years, let alone in one season.

Then again, if Melo’s delusional enough to think he’s a starting-caliber player, his packing up his things in an attempt to find greener pastures can’t be ruled out.