Carson Wentz Busted Watching Game Film Under the Table During Date With Girlfriend

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images.)

Two games into his career, Philadelphia Eagles rookie Carson Wentz looks to be what Jared Goff, taken just before him at No. 1 in the draft, is not: a good quarterback.

Eagles fans should just hope he's a better signal-caller than he is a boyfriend.

Because apparently on a recent date night, his high school sweetheart Melissa Uhrich caught him watching game film under the table.

"While Wentz has since turned pro and become Philadelphia’s prized franchise quarterback, Uhrich continues to support him as she did during their college years," Jaclyn Hendricks wrote of the couple for the New York Post. "And while she won’t hesitate to take his cellphone away during date nights — he was caught watching game film under the dinner table — she understands how much her boyfriend is dedicated to his craft."


She's perdy #WCW

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This habit is apparently an old one from college that still hasn't died, as ESPN noted back in April: "After games, he'd insist the staff upload film onto his iPad immediately so he could critique his performance. Occasionally on date nights, Melissa would take his phone away after catching him watching game film surreptitiously under the table."

Through two games, Wentz has thrown for 468 yards, three touchdowns, and no picks, all while leading the Eagles to a 2-0 record. He wasn't named the team's starter until Sam Bradford was traded to the Minnesota Vikings a week before their season opener.

Now if he could only master gas station bathrooms.