You Can’t Watch This Video And Not Think LeBron Is Leaving The Cavs This Offseason

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

Cavaliers fans, avert your eyes.

I know you’re dealing with a lot right now. What with J.R. Smith J.R. Smith-ing away any chance at a close NBA Finals at the close of regulation in Game 1.

So you definitely don’t want to see this video right now.

At least, not if you hope to hold onto LeBron James this summer.

The footage is almost three uncut minutes of LeBron stewing in silence on the bench following Smith’s Game 1 debacle.

The only time he speaks to anyone, he looks … well, just watch.

Not good!

LeBron appears to ask head coach Ty Lue if the Cavs had a timeout to blow before the horn sounded on regulation. They did.

Days before his teammates let him down, LeBron hinted that his unideal relationship with Cavs owner Dan Gilbert could factor into his free agency decisions (check the last 10 seconds of this clip).

Look, I’m not saying LeBron’s not gonna be with the Cavs beyond this postseason. Just maybe hold off on buying any Cavs jerseys with his name on the back for a few weeks.