Cavaliers Teammates Accuse Kevin Love Of Faking Sick In “Fiery, Intense” Confrontation

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

Maybe the Cleveland Cavaliers have another legit trade piece after all: everyone’s favorite scapegoat, Kevin Love.

Apparently some of his teammates believed the four-time All-Star had pulled a Ferris Bueller on them during and after the squad’s historic blowout loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder.

The confrontation was “fiery,” “loud,” and “intense,” according to Woj.

Cleveland has been free-falling over the past month, having lost nine of their last 12. But from the outside, it’s hard to pin their struggles on Love, who’s averaging 18.6 points and 9.4 rebounds in just 28.5 minutes per game, the lowest minutes output since his rookie season.

Love also owns a scorching 61.2 true shooting percentage, which factors in percentages from two-point range, three-point range, and the free-throw line; it’s the best mark of his career.

The Cavaliers own the Brooklyn Nets’ valuable first-round pick in 2018, but are loathe to surrender it in a win-now move in case LeBron James decides to bolt in free agency this season.

If Love is disgruntled—and after years of sacrificing numbers for the Cavs’ championship aspirations, how couldn’t he be?—perhaps the team could flip him for a player or group of players less talented than he that would fit the roster better, with an asset for the future or two (draft picks or young players with potential). 

They’re desperate for two-way players, especially in the frontcourt, and as much as Love has improved on the defensive end, he’s still not an impact player on that end.