The Cavaliers Tried to Get Draymond Green Suspended for 2 Games

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: OBSEV / Getty)

Thanks in part to a one-game suspension to Draymond Green, the Cleveland Cavaliers are very much alive in the NBA Finals as the series heads back to Ohio for Game 6 on Thursday night.

Because the Golden State Warriors big man couldn't keep himself away from his opponents' nuts these past few months, he accrued four flagrant foul points in the playoffs, an automatic suspension. With Green out, the Warriors fell in Game 5.

And according to ESPN insider Zach Lowe, the Cavaliers lobbied the NBA for a two-game suspension of Green.

"The Cavs wanted him suspended for two games," the well-connected analyst said on his podcast to guest Jeff Van Gundy. "I can tell you that. They wanted it to be a flagrant 2 and to have him suspended for Game 5 and Game 6."

Lowe and Van Gundy then discussed the prevalence of teams' lobbying the league for such decisions. The Cavaliers were reported to be "pushing hard" for a suspension in the first place.

As was the case with his his previous flagrant incidents—this tackle of the Houston Rockets' Michael Beasley in Round 1 …

… and his jump kick to Steven Adams' apples, Green's flagrant foul in Game 4 for swinging at LeBron James' groin was administered by the league after the fact, not during the game. So it sounds like the Cavaliers contacted the league in the hope of convincing higher-ups that Green's actions warranted a flagrant 2.

With his flagrant foul total at four, she he commit a flagrant foul of any sort in Game 6, he'll be suspended again for Game 7.


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