The Hilarious Way The Cavaliers Trolled Lonzo Ball During Pregame Warmups

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

While LeBron James had plenty of encouragement for Lonzo Ball after the two met on the court on Thursday night, the Cleveland Cavaliers’ in-house DJ wasn’t quite so kind.

That tends to happen when you feud with a rap legend like Nas while making money off his art.

Almost definitely in response to the Los Angeles Lakers rookie’s slow-burning beef with the hip-hop legend and his fans—which began when Lonzo described Nas as “not real hip-hop” before eventually recanting—DJ Steph Floss set his playlist for pregame warmups accordingly.

It featured three Nas songs in a row: “Made You Look,” “Nas Is Like,” and “NY State of Mind.”

In other words, the Cavaliers trolled Lonzo before the game even began.

In a likely tongue-in-cheek response to the tweet above, DJ Steph Floss suggested it was just a coincidence—as if stadium DJs ever play two songs in a row by the same artist, let alone three.

Sure, you could say the Cavaliers trolled Lonzo. Or you could say they taught him a valuable lesson in hip-hop history—the point guard himself has said he hasn’t spent much time listening to Nas.

Maybe it spoke to him—Lonzo responded with one of the better individual performances of his young career.

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