Cavaliers Win So Easily, LeBron James Grabs a Beer During the Game


(Photo: Getty Images)

Five games into the playoffs, and LeBron James' Cleveland Cavaliers have yet to lose.

After sweeping the Indiana Pacers in Round 1, LeBron and Co. bested the Toronto Raptors 116-105 in their series opener, though the disparity between the teams was greater than that score would indicate—the Cavs were up by 20 with just over three minutes left.

James led all scorers with 35 points on 13-of-23 shooting to go with 10 rebounds, four assists, a steal, and a block.

He was so on fire, he at point appeared to consider grabbing a nice cold beer to cool himself off—in the middle of the game, just after he'd drawn an and-1 opportunity on Serge Ibaka.

The secret highlight of this clip is J.R. Smith's thought process through it all: Oh really? We're doing this? We're doing this! Oh—you were just kidding? I knew you were just kidding.

LeBron kept the jovial spirit up postgame.

"I wasn't going to run over our beer lady," he said after the victory. "She had one and I grabbed it. I'm not a beer guy. If she had some red wine I would have probably taken a sip."

Also, Iman Shumpert did this to Ibaka.