Chad Johnson Tries Skateboarding And Viciously Wipes Out

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

Chad Johnson skateboarding shouldn’t be all that surprising—the former All-Pro wide receiver has tried his hand at various forms of competition over the years, both during his NFL career and after.

He once raced a horse, and another time traveled to a stranger’s house to confront him and play FIFA.

He took to a skateboard with equal vigor, though the result probably felt a lot like the many hits he sustained during 11 NFL seasons, 10 of which came with the Cincinnati Bengals.

The 39-year-old wiped out. Hard.

Johnson, once known as Chad Ochocinco, was able to laugh about the incident.

Though he made sure to point out to the Twittersphere that he’d kept his cigar in his mouth throughout the ordeal.

Cigar-balancing skills or not, if you ever come across Chad Johnson skateboarding, it’s probably wise to do everything in your power to dive out of the way.