Chandler Jones Reportedly Overdosed over the Weekend, Patriots Conspiracy Theories Begin to Brew

Bradley Whitaker
(Photo: OBSEV / Getty)

New England Patriots defensive end Chandler Jones was sent to the hospital this past weekend after showing up to the Foxboro Police Department with a medical emergency. The Pro Bowler overdosed on something, according to various news outlets.

Jones showed up to the police station Sunday morning at 7:42 a.m. before an ambulance rushed him to the hospital for a medical and mental evaluation. You can listen to officers reacting to a “confused party” in the police and fire dispatch audio below.

But despite all that went on with Jones Saturday night/Sunday morning, he was released from the hospital and made it to practice on Monday without a hitch, according to a statement from the Patriots.

Jones is expected to play in Saturday’s Wild Card Game against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Not surprisingly, the Patriots don’t want to reveal any more information about Chandler’s “night out.” This is just the latest event in what’s been a strange week for New England. Bill Belichick showed up to Tuesday’s press conference with a black eye (and wouldn’t tell how he got it) and Rob Gronkowski missed practice for mysterious reasons.

So of course, folks are taking to Twitter with some very unique conspiracy theories.

The Patriots always keep things interesting.


According to Christopher Gasper of the Boston Globe, Jones didn't overdose on prescription pills. He had a bad reaction to synthetic marijuana.

Synthetic marijuana is often sold as "potpourri" in many places, but it can contain many harmful chemicals that can be quite damaging, unlike regular marijuana (which the NFL tests for).