Chargers Leadership Can’t Really Be This Dumb, Can They?

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

San Diegans rightfully didn’t take kindly to the Chargers’ move to Los Angeles.

They egged the team’s headquarters, refused to help them move, and burned memorabilia in response to billionaire owner Dean Spanos’ blatant money grab.

For now, the move has skied Spanos’ net worth. But Chargers fandom is dwindling. 

Now sharing Los Angeles with the actually good Rams, the Chargers hardly made a dent in the very limited available seating at the StubHub Center in 2017. Attendance was so poor that the league was reportedly considering moving the team back to San Diego just two weeks into the season.

It’s not clear whether Spanos expected support to be so limited. I suppose it’s entirely possible he saw this coming and just didn’t care because, you know, money.

But if the team’s reaction to the Rams’ recent attempt to “invade” Chargers territory is any indication, Spanos and Co. have zero idea what they’re doing.

Like a real-life NFL team that actually wants fans, the Rams looked to capitalize on the Chargers’ abandonment of San Diego.

They secured an affiliation with the area’s largest sports radio station.

“We can’t wait to invade San Diego,” Rams general manager Les Snead said during an appearance on the Mighty 1090.

Spectacularly, the Chargers didn’t anticipate the move.


Yeah, these guys are just dumb. Greedy, but dumb.