The Charles Barkley–Charles Oakley Beef Is Still Real


(Photo: TNT/YouTube)

The Atlanta Hawks weren't the only people that had a problem with the Cleveland Cavaliers hanging an NBA-record 25 three-pointers on them.

TNT analyst Charles Barkley had a suggestion for them.

"You've got to take somebody out," he said after the game. "When a team is just embarrassing you, shooting threes when the game is way over, just trying to set a record…. You have to knock the hell out of them. Not for this game; to set the tone for the next game.''

This upset another Charles something-kley, Charles Oakley, who responded on Twitter.

The TNT crew displayed Oakley's tweet so Barkley could react.

“Charles Oakley doesn’t like me, which is no big deal,” Barkley said. “I don’t like him or dislike him; I don’t think about him. He’s not important enough for me to think about…. He don’t like me. I have no idea why.”

No idea why?

No idea why?!

Well, how about the time you, as a member of the Philadelphia 76ers, elbowed Oakley, Michael Jordan's Chicago Bulls teammate, while waiting for free throws back in 1987? (Go to the 2:49 mark.)

But you know what, that was almost 30 years ago, and ultimately not exactly a noteworthy night of 1980s basketball.

Buuut … how about that time you two just straight up threw down as members of the Houston Rockets and New York Knicks in a 1996 preseason game?

Not ringing any bells?

Then there's the time Oakley punched you at a union meeting during the 1999 lockout.

“I heard what he was saying about me in Atlantic City and I didn’t like it,” Oakley said afterward. “I’m fed up with him. I told him you need to change your name. I’m the only Charles.”

Oakley went even deeper on his hate for Barkley in 2010.

“My thing is, when Barkley played basketball, he didn’t practice, he wasn’t a leader, he wasn’t this or that, he just had natural talent, so he got chosen to the Dream Team, All-Star team because he had the talent and he was the franchise player on the team,’’ Oakley said. “Him criticizing all those other guys, he did the same thing when he was young. As soon as they do something wrong, he criticizes them. That’s wrong. He wasn’t real to the game. He talks like a player and I will give him that, but for him to comment about this and being a professional, he wasn’t all that.”

Whether it's for rational reasons or not, I think it's safe to say Chuck knows why the Oak Tree doesn't like him.

Then again, Chuck and Shaquille O'Neal fight all the time and they seem alright.