Chiefs–Titans Ref Jeff Triplette Won’t Be Able To Ruin NFL Playoff Games Anymore

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

Referee Jeff Triplette’s performance during the opening game of the NFL playoffs was so bad, even his former boss took to social media to trash the officiating crew.

Here’s Mike Pereira, the league’s former vice president of officiating:

Triplette and his crew—which, per playoff rules, wasn’t the crew he’d worked with for the whole season but an amalgamation of supposedly highly rated officials—blew two game-breaking calls in the first half of postseason play. Things somehow got worse as the game went along—in the second half, he called a block in the back on Titans backup quarterback Alex Tanney, who hasn’t taken the field in an NFL game since 2015.

Thankfully, it appears Triplette will no longer be able to subject NFL fans to his bumbling incompetence. He’s retiring.

Saturday’s wild-card game was just the last in a long line of Triplette follies. Back in Week 3, he all but ended arguably the best game of the regular season with an offensive pass interference call so egregious, even the team that benefited from it hadn’t thought to hope for such a call.

Last year, he accidentally called illegal hands to the face on the victim of a pair of illegal hands to the face.

Then there’s this.

The playoffs just got a whole lot more tolerable.