Chinese Nicknames For NBA Players Are Cruel, Profane, And Pretty Dope

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

The NBA is adored in China.

Twice, the nation helped make native son Yao Ming the leader in All-Star Game voting.

In 2011, he got more votes than any center in the West — and he played in just five games the whole season.

And China’s love for the league has only grown since.

With this intensely passionate fandom comes, apparently, some pretty intense nicknames for beloved (or hated) ballers.

We know this thanks to Nick Kapur, a historian of East Asia, who did American basketball fans a favor by curating a list of Chinese nicknames for NBA players.

Some, like Stephen Curry‘s, are pretty graphic.

He has a SFW one too.

LeBron James apparently can’t escape haters in China.

Giannis Antetokounmpo‘s makes a lot of sense.

Carmelo Anthony’s has come to make more sense as he’s become rounder with age.

Speaking of round.

Some are just straight cruel.

And how did Dr. J’s never catch on stateside?

Check out Kapur’s thread for an incredibly long list of these.