Chris Coghlan Flies Over Yadier Molina to Score: ‘It Was Like I Saw a Unicorn’

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Twitter.)

The Toronto Blue Jays, after years as an unstoppable, mashing offense, have to this point in the 2017 season scored the second-fewest runs in the American League.

Which might explain the lengths outfielder Chris Coghlan went to to hang a run on the St. Louis Cardinals on Tuesday night.

After a Kevin Pillar drive to the bottom of the right field fence, Coghlan was chased from first base ball the way home, where the throw to Cardinals catcher Yadier Molina beat him.

No matter. Instead of trying to go around, through, or under the tag, Coghlan did the unexpected—gracefully launching himself over Molina, and flipping onto home plate then back up to his feet.

Though I appreciate this tweet's Major League II reference, Coghlan's slide is objectively more acrobatic and aesthetically pleasing than that of Willie Mays Hayes.

"It was like I saw a unicorn or something,” said Blue Jays pitcher Marco Estrada after the game. “It’s just something that never happens. You might not ever see that again.”

“It just all happens like that,” Coghlan said. “You’re just trying to touch home and have as successful a landing as you possibly can. … I was in shock at first because my adrenaline was going so much. Then I saw [Jose Bautista], and I got jacked up, and I told him afterward, ‘You got me fired up, just seeing your reaction,’ and then the boys were pumped. So I’ve been in that situation. Any time you can get the boys fired up, it’s worth it.”

The run ended up being crucial for a victory, as the Blue Jays bested St. Louis 6-5 in 11 innings.

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