Chris Paul Hits Kevin Durant in the Nuts

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty)

The Oklahoma City Thunder may have beaten the Los Angeles Clippers soundly on Wednesday night, but Kevin Durant likely left the game in a form of pain only a male can know.

Late in the second quarter, he took a shot to the nuts from Chris Paul.


Chris Paul hit Durant in his groin area to get open. 

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Innocent, right?

Looks accidental, right?

And it probably was.

Unfortunately, in this scenario Paul doesn't get the benefit of the doubt that just about every other current NBA player not named Nicolas Batum would, because he's got a history of taking these kind of cheap shots.

Paul was suspended from an ACC quarterfinals game almost exactly 11 years ago while at Wake Forest for punching North Carolina State small forward Julius Hodge in the nuts in each team's last game of the regular season.

Last year, Chris Kaman shoved Paul down after the point guard got a handful of the center's balls.

It wasn't even Kaman's first time getting his junk tugged on an NBA court.

Lastly, one cheap shot that was at least not to the nuts. With his Clippers all but eliminated by the Memphis Grizzlies in the first round of the 2013 playoffs, Paul knocked the wind out of Marc Gasol while Matt Barnes propped the big man up.

There's a reason Paul has the "Who—me?!" look down.

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