TBS Savagely Trolls Chris Webber During Championship Broadcast

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

Whoever was running the graphics for TBS’s broadcast of Monday night’s national championship game between Villanova and Michigan had to have been eagerly hoping for a technical foul, because he or she was equipped with the most vicious, trolling stat to throw up on the screen.

With less than 16 minutes remaining, though the situation probably didn’t merit it, it happened: Big men Moritz Wagner of Michigan and the Wildcats’ Omari Spellman got assessed double technicals for whatever the hell this was.

That’s when an on-screen graphic reminded everyone, including Chris Webber, that a technical foul hadn’t been whistled in a title game for 25 years — since Webber infamously called a timeout his team didn’t have with 19 seconds remaining in his Wolverines’ 1993 title game against North Carolina, all but sealing a Tar Heels victory.

Cruel, but true. And you know what? Deserved. Webber is famously standoffish on the subject, and in addition to refusing an invitation to discuss his Wolverines days in ESPN’s documentary “The Fab Five,” he’s spent the last 25 years kinda being a douche to his former Michigan teammates and coaches.

Webber, who worked games as a sideline analyst in this year’s NCAA tournament, including in the Elite Eight, doesn’t seem ready to have a sense of humor about his renowned blunder, a la Bill Buckner. Thankfully, every sports fan in the world outside of Ann Arbor is willing to pick up the slack.