Cleveland Browns Embarrass Themselves on Very First Play of the Game

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

After the Cleveland Browns lost their ninth game of the season in Week 9, Chris Kirksey eased way the hell off his prior prediction that they'd win out in the second half of their campaign to go 8-8.

Instead of going .500, he guaranteed that the Browns would win one of their remaining games.

But it was fairly evident from the get-go that it wouldn't be against the Baltimore Ravens in Week 10.

Cleveland was eager come out strong to avoid going 0-10 on Thursday, when teams don't typically have the necessary time to recover from the week before or prepare completely, thus leveling the playing field at least a bit and giving the usually hopeless Browns at least a sliver of hope.

But perhaps they were too eager. 

After kicking off, the Browns ran 12 men out onto the field, one too many, and were forced to waste a timeout before the game's first snap.

Amazingly, the Browns actually led 7-6 at halftime. Unsurprisingly, they took out quarterback Cody Kessler—who wasn't great but avoided crucial mistakes to help them to a rare lead. Even more unsurpisingly, the decision blew up in their faces.

Veteran Josh McCown entered the game instead and turned the ball over three times—two picks and a lost fumble—as the Ravens came back for an easy 28-7 win.

In other words:


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