LeBron James Is Going To Have Nightmares About These Demoralizing Clint Capela Blocks

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

LeBron James, maestro of the chasedown swat, got a taste of his own medicine on Thursday night thanks to a pair of Clint Capela blocks.

The Houston Rockets‘ Swiss shot eraser wasn’t done giving LeBron fits. Capela would virtually end the Rockets’ 117-113 victory with another demoralizing block of LeBron from behind.

Capela’s harassment of LeBron didn’t end on the defensive end. Here’s he and James Harden turning LeBron and Dwyane Wade into bumbling stooges with a simple pick-and-roll.

The springy center scored the Rockets’ last six points, and eight of their last 11, to help slam the door. He finished the game with 19 points, 13 rebounds, and four blocks.

“We expect him to do that,” said head coach Mike D’Antoni. “He’s 23 years old. There’s no reason why he can’t keep getting better.”

Clint Capela blocks are up this year as the big man breaks out. He’s averaging career-highs in swats (1.8), points (13.4), rebounds (10.8), assists (1.2), and field-goal percentage (69.4, best in the NBA).

LeBron, who opted for the matador defensive technique for much of the night …

… was apparently pleased with the 5-7 Cleveland Cavaliers‘ performance.

“I like the way we played,” LeBron said. “We stuck to our game plan as close to 48 minutes. No matter what was going on, the fouls that were called at times. It looked like it could’ve gone our way, some that didn’t go our way, the stepback threes that James (Harden) was hitting, you’ve got to live with something.”