Clippers Ship Blake Griffin To Pistons In Shocking Blockbuster Trade


(Photo: Getty Images)

And just like that, the NBA rumor mill has gone from a standstill to churning so hard it might snap clear off and go on a rampage through town. The first major trade of the regular season has been consummated, and essentially no one saw it coming: The Los Angeles Clippers traded face of the franchise Blake Griffin to the Detroit Pistons, just months after the team had traded its shorter, somehow whinier other face of the franchise.

Here are the rest of the details, per Woj:

Yeah … the man who signed a five-year, $173 million deal this offseason with hopes of remaining with the Clippers for the rest of his career got played, all for salary cap flexibility and some middling draft assets.

Not the best result for a guy hoping to grow his budding comedy career.

The Pistons are risking a ton by sinking so much long-term money into an injury-prone player, but, considering their position, this is still a win. The team has an impossible time getting fans into their new stadium, and an even tougher time getting marquee free agents to join them. Griffin’s acquisition addresses both issues. And aside from their cap space, they gave up little that would help them beyond this year outside of the first-rounder—every player they surrendered is either overpaid (Harris, Marjanovic) or will be a free agent in the summer (Bradley).

For Los Angeles, this has to spell the end for what remained of Lob City. Don’t be surprised to see DeAndre Jordan and Lou Williams, their best remaining assets, get flipped before the February 8 trade deadline as well in a full-scale rebuild.

If the goal is to tear it all down, then starting by trading a player whose value can tank at any time with another lower-body injury is a great start.