Coach K to Team USA: We Need to ‘Tone It Down a Little Bit’

Bradley Whitaker
(Photo: Getty)

If you’ve watched any of the first three exhibition games the United States men’s basketball team has participated in over the last week, you’ve witnessed some epic beatdowns.

In just three games, Team USA has beaten their opponents by a grand total of 136 points (Argentina, China, and China again). That’s a 45-point margin per game.

While it’s highly unlikely the U.S. will lose at all in the Summer Olympics, it’s not impossible (see the 2004 team). Competition will be tougher against squads like France, Spain and Serbia. So head coach Mike Krzyzewski understands there are no guarantees, even with the best players in the world on his side.

It’s easy to understand why Coach K was a bit pissy after his team’s 50-point win over China on Tuesday. Team USA was toying with the Chinese.

They practically scripted the first few plays to Kevin Durant so he could impress the Warriors crowd in attendance at Oracle Arena. Not to mention DeMar DeRozan tried to show off a little bit when he did this:

Coach K has to preach courtliness, that’s just part of his coaching philosophy after spending the majority of his time with college athletes. But let’s face it, the Olympic team has always been about flashy basketball.

Remember when Vince Carter literally jumped over a seven-footer’s head?

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