Colorado’s Trevor Story Is Off to the Greatest Start of Any Player…Ever


(Photo: Getty)

There is no story greater so far this MLB season than the aptly named Trevor Story.

The Colorado Rockies rookie shortstop is tearing the cover off the ball, hitting seven home runs in his first six games. That’s more ding-dongs than over half the teams in the majors!

What explains this unusual phenomenon? I have no idea.

Sure, Story performed solidly at the plate during his last year in the minors (20 homers, 70 extra-base hits in both AA and AAA combined), but those numbers don’t exactly scream “future power hitter.”

We’ve all seen veteran players get off to hot starts like Story has, but never a rookie making his major league debut. We haven’t seen a rookie start like this since Mark McGwire in 1987, when he hit six home runs in his first four games (just like Story).

Story spent much of his time in the minors playing second and third base because many expected shortstop Troy Tulowitzki to be Colorado’s franchise player for a long time. But since trading Tulo to the Blue Jays, the Rockies have had a huge hole in the middle of the infield and in the lineup. Story is perfect for the shortstop position.

And by the way, everyone talked about Tulowitzki like he was “the greatest ever” his rookie year too, but it took Tulo 93 games to hit six home runs. It’s not a fair comparison at this point.

The Rockies tend to get off to a hot start every season and dwindle into the night once May and June come around, so it’s possible Story could be brought down with the rest of the team. But maybe he’s just what Colorado needs to keep the momentum going.