Conor McGregor Answers Nate Diaz’s Steroid Accusations: ‘I’m Just an Animal’

Trent Reinsmith
(Photo: Getty)

If you thought Wednesday’s UFC 196 press conference was going to be all tea and crumpets and cordial responses between main event fighters Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz, well, you don’t know too much about these two fighters.

Outspoken would be about the easiest way to describe them. When you ask either one a question, you’re going to get an unfiltered response, and it will probably include some words that wouldn’t make it onto a television broadcast.

During the back and forth between the two, Diaz seemed to hit a nerve when he interrupted McGregor, saying, “They’re all on steroids! Everybody.”

McGregor quickly replied, “Steroids? Man, what are you talking about, steroids? Don’t be putting my name with steroids, I’m major against that. Don’t put my name and the name of steroids’ name.”

After a few more questions and answers, our own Crystal Marie Denha brought it back to Diaz’s accusation, asking him if he wanted to elaborate on his point regarding steroids.



“Everybody’s on steroids," Diaz replied. "The whole UFC. Everybody.”

McGregor then reminded Diaz that Diaz's teammates Jake Shields and Gilbert Melendez had both failed drug tests in the past. Shields failed his test in 2012, and Melendez failed in 2015.

When Diaz added “And you,” McGregor became heated. 

“Me?! What are you talking about, me?!" he exclaimed. "I’m not on no steroids! What the fuck you talking about? Your two teammates were on steroids. Your boys. The Skrap Pack. Remember that? Did you know they were taking that stuff? Did you know they were taking that stuff? Didja? I’m just an animal.”

According to the United States Anti-Doping Agency, McGregor has been tested 10 times under its watch, while Diaz has been tested three times. Neither fighter has failed a USADA test.