Conor McGregor Gets Ridiculed for Weak Training Video Ahead of Floyd Mayweather Fight

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

Here’s some footage the suckers betting on the side of one of the biggest upsets in fight history should see—a video of Conor McGregor training and looking, let’s just say, less than ready to take on undefeated boxing legend Floyd Mayweather.

Due to age—Mayweather is 12 years older at 40—even the ever-confident boxer has said McGregor has a chance against him in the ring. But this clip should lay to rest any doubts.

McGregor’s camp dropped the video on Thursday, and it’s honestly hard to tell whether it’s a serious attempt at intimidation or a joke about how unprepared McGregor is to leave the UFC’s octagon for the boxing ring.

Though it did give fighters and fight fans a good laugh.

Mayweather dropped his own training video this week, and this side-by-side should give you an idea of just how great the gap between the two fighters is.

Sure, barring a truly miraculous one-punch knockout to claim victory over one of the best to ever do it, McGregor will get embarrassed when the two fight on August 26.

But for an estimated $75 million, he probably doesn’t care.

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