Why Smart Gamblers Are Betting Conor McGregor Will Get Disqualified Against Floyd Mayweather

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

Thanks to the upcoming bout between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather, things are hectic in Las Vegas right now. Against the better judgement of just about everyone who knows anything about boxing, money is coming in heavy for McGregor to win, and that’s putting the honchos in Las Vegas in jeopardy.

Roughly 16 of every 17 bettors are going with the former two-weight UFC champion.

“All I know is we’re less than a week away from making a lot of money or getting [clobbered],” Nick Bogdanovich, William Hill director of trading, told ESPN.

But while gambling rookies are coming over the top for McGregor, smart, experienced gamblers are playing too, and one trend among these bettors could reveal a lot about how the fight will actually go down. A lot of gamblers are hoping McGregor will get disqualified.

“The handle is insane. It is easily going to pass the handle for any fight ever booked in the state of Nevada,” Bogdanovich said. “The liability is equally insane, as tickets are coming in on Conor McGregor at about an eighteen to one clip. The props are all drawing fantastic action with the most popular being will McGregor get disqualified. A lot of people believe that McGregor will get frustrated and eventually snap and do something Tyson-like.”

While I doubt McGregor will try to bite Mayweather’s ear off, there’s a reason gamblers think McGregor will be DQ’d—he’s contractually obligated not to “go rogue” and use his legs or elbows during the fight. Mayweather’s camp apparently insisted on standard boxing regulations across the board for the fight, which might explain why extra protections on McGregor’s getting frustrated with the undefeated boxer and lashing out, MMA style, were put in place.

“There is no way that will happen,” UFC president Dana White said on Wednesday. “That is absolutely in the contract, number one.

“Number two, this is a boxing match under the rules of the Nevada State Athletic Commission. When you talk about a guy like Floyd Mayweather—the lawsuit if that ever happened … you all know how much Conor likes money. Conor would depart with a whole lot of money if that ever happened.”