Conor McGregor Is Issued Boxing License, Threatens UFC Departure


(Photo: Getty Images)

Over two weeks ago, Conor McGregor became the UFC's first ever two-weight champion when he defeated Eddie Alvarez via knockout for his lightweight title.

This past weekend, the promotion stripped the Irishman of his featherweight championship—a weight at which he hasn't fought for over a year—to end his reign as a double champ.

McGregor has yet to comment publicly on the loss of his featherweight title, but he did something perhaps more telling of his feelings on the matter: McGregor registered for, and was issued, a boxing license in the state of California.

"He got a license today and a federal ID," Andy Foster, an executive officer of the California State Athletic Commission, told MMAFighting. "He's a California boxer now."

The MMA champion has long flirted with a career in boxing, specifically teasing a bout with undefeated champion fighter Floyd Mayweather, who retired in 2015. After his victory over Alvarez, McGregor acknowledged his desire for a stake in the UFC, a promotion whose success he (rightly) feels partially responsible for. The UFC was sold for $4 billion this summer.

"He's qualified [as a boxer]," Foster said. "I'd love to see him fight in California. It just needs to be the right opponent. Certainly a high-level opponent. We're happy to license him. We're happy he's a California fighter."

McGregor has trolled the promotion with dramatic apparent career changes before, like when he announced his retirement on Twitter then backtracked days later, so this feels more like a posturing blow related to his desired partial ownership in the UFC than evidence that McGregor is planning a full-time switch to the boxing ring.

Then again, it's hard to confidently predict the intentions of someone whose press conferences end up like this and this.