So Far, Almost Everyone Is Betting on Conor McGregor to Defeat Floyd Mayweather

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

The much-anticipated bout between boxing champion Floyd Mayweather and UFC champion Conor McGregor is going to make a lot of people rich—the fighters, their associates, and everyone who takes advantage of the rapidly adjusting odds.

According to ESPN’s David Purdum, all but four of the first 144 bets placed on the boxing match at Caesars Palace sportsbooks were on McGregor. The Westgate in Las Vegas reported that 90 percent of the bets they’ve taken also wagered on McGregor.

Oddsmakers all over have responded by raising McGregor’s odds from about 11/1 to anywhere from 6/1 to 15/4

Purdum described the early action as “small and placed by recreational bettors.”

“Everyone and their cousin wants action on this fight,” said a sportsbook manager who called the early action “square-a-palooza.”

For that reason, most of the money wagered has still been on Mayweather. Though wagers on the undefeated boxer accounted for just 10 percent of bets at the Westgate, those few bets accounted for 79 percent of the money placed on the fight and likely came from more experienced gamblers.

For those wisely hoping to wager on Mayweather, the payouts have increased from 1/8 to 1/5.

The Mayweather–McGregor fight will take place on August 26 at MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.

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