Conor McGregor Speeds Away From A Courthouse Yelling “Come And Get Me!”

Joe Welkie
Conor McGregor trolled an Irish court
(Photo: Conor McGregor trolled an Irish court)

Conor McGregor trolled an Irish court after making an appearance before a judge for a speeding ticket. After the hearing, McGregor walked outside, flanked by his lawyers and mobbed by paparazzi, hopped into his ridiculously expensive sports car, rolled down the window, and yelled, “Come and get me!” as the driver sped away.

McGregor was given the roughly $475 speeding ticket after going 98 mph in a 62 mph zone. He pled guilty to the crime and paid the ticket in full, but that doesn’t make this video any less hilarious.

Have a look at the glee in McGregor’s face as his car speeds away from the reporters who are there trying to get Mystic Mac to make a statement.

McGregor has been making the news a lot recently, and it’s not for anything he’s done in the fighting world. He was allegedly involved in a bar fight recently and rumor has it it was with a rough group of people in the Irish mafia. While on a Joe Rogan podcast, Brendan Schaub speculated that McGregor has been messing with the wrong guys and now there is a hit out on him for around $900,000.

Maybe the speeding ticket is the least of his worries.

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