Conor McGregor Finally Gets Stripped Of His UFC Title For The Second Time

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

Seventeen months after he punched Eddie Alvarez out to take the UFC lightweight belt, and a day after he was released from jail on $50,000 bail, Conor McGregor was finally stripped of a title with the promotion for a second time.

At UFC 223 on Saturday night in Brooklyn’s Barclays Center, the site of McGregor’s arrest-drawing actions, Khabib Nurmagomedov dispatched of last-second replacement Al Iaquinta — who was filling in for Max Holloway, who couldn’t make weight as a last-minute replacement for Tony Ferguson — to claim the undisputed lightweight title.

After the victory, Nurmagomedov suggested an interesting next opponent: Georges St-Pierre.

“I want to fight GSP in Madison Square Garden!” he said from the octagon.

While we’re hoping McGregor never fights in the UFC again, that’s likely nothing more than a pipe dream — the UFC would never pass up on the potential profits of a McGregor return, and apparently, neither would Nurmagomedov, the subject of the anger that got McGregor arrested.

“We have to finish this beef,” Nurmagomedov said at the post-fight press conference before roasting the Irishman over his recent Burger King promotion. “Beef, chicken, or something like this. He have to stop eat Burger Kings and — you want to fight? Come. I told you guys, we’re gonna make him humble. I told you guys, I’m gonna change this game. Now, only one champion. No more fake champions. No more champion who never defend his title, or something like this. Now, UFC have champion, and this champion want to defend his title. You want to fight? Come here.

“Inside the cage, come. Outside the cage, let me know without camera, without all this media. Like men. He come when a lot of security here, outside the bus, inside the bus, security here, don’t let me go out. Like, he try to, ‘Hey, come out,’ like this. Why you need this show up? Let me know and that’s it, any time. … We have to fight. Make world tour everywhere, Tokyo, Moscow, Dublin, Los Angeles, Rio. Big world tour, promote this fight, and fight end of the year, biggest arena in the world, Madison Square Garden. Why not? Or maybe in Zaire or Philippines. Doesn’t matter. Doesn’t matter, I’m here. He want to become lightweight champion? He have to fight with me. Now, no more this all fake champions. You guys remember when he put tweet, ‘Beg me.’ Please, beg me.”

If he’s he’s gonna have to fight in the UFC again, perhaps an undressing by the Dagestani could end McGregor’s reign as the most in-demand fighter in the sport.