Conor McGregor Tries to Throw a Chair at Eddie Alvarez, Dana White Blocks It

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

On Saturday, the UFC will see its first bout between two current champions in seven years when featherweight champion Conor McGregor attempts to take Eddie Alvarez's lightweight championship belt at UFC 205 in New York City.

Well, technically, McGregor already took Alvarez's physical belt from him, during a press conference on Thursday.

In predictably unpredictable fashion, the Irishman was a no-show at the beginning of the press conference, leaving Alvarez to jaw with McGregor fans.

Eventually McGregor strode in, donning a white fur coat and proclaiming himself "a f**king pimp."

At that point, Alvarez, tired of waiting, had already left the stage, leaving his belt on the table. McGregor swiped it and left it next to his featherweight belt, prompting the lightweight champ to return for his hardware.

White attempted to separate the two, and at one point had to block McGregor from throwing a chair at Alvarez.

A week ago, McGregor threatened to make Alvarez unrecognizable to his wife and kids.

"I feel [people are] going to see something they haven't seen before," he said. "I'm going to toy with this man. I'm going to really, truly rearrange his facial structure. His wife and kids will never recognize him again. His friends and the people that he knows will know that he's not the same man after this contest. So he's going to be in a shock when he sees that. That's it."

At the press conference, Alvarez demanded the featherweight champion apologize for mentioning his family.

“Suck these big Irish balls," McGregor replied, "these big Irish balls all in your face!”