Conor McGregor to UFC: If You Want Me, I Need to Be an Owner

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

Heading into his historic UFC 205 win to make him the promotion's first two-weight champion, Conor McGregor already held three of the four biggest pay-per-view draws ever in the UFC, all coming in the past 11 months, including the top draw—his UFC 202 rematch with Nate Diaz netted over 1.6 million buys.

Before McGregor knocked out Eddie Alvarez on Saturday night, UFC president Dana White indicated UFC 205 would easily clear that mark.

McGregor and Alvarez also cleared Madison Square Garden's gate record of $13.5 million held by boxers Evander Holyfield and Lennox Lewis in 1999, setting the new mark at $17.7 million.

After his win, McGregor informed the UFC and the world the he's noticing a trend, and he intends to capitalize on it in the form of partial ownership.

"They've got to come talk to me now," McGregor said. "Both belts. Money. I want the ownership now. If we're going to keep doing this, let's talk, but I want an equal share. I want what I've deserved, what I've earned."

The 28-year-old Irishman noted that several celebrities like Ben Affleck, Sylvester Stallone, and Serena Williams have a stake in the UFC, but no current fighters.

"I've earned something," McGregor said. "I've earned, I mean, who owns the company now? There's people who have shares in the company, celebrities, Conan O'Brien owns the UFC now, so, where's my share? Where's my equity? I'm the one that's banking this."

After the fight, McGregor announced he's expecting his first child in early 2017.

"I'm going to be a daddy early next year," the UFC lightweight and featherweight champion said. "I'm crapping my jocks, it's messing with my head."

In July, UFC was sold to WME-IMG for over $4 billion. With his and his family's future in mind, he's demanding an ownership stake.

"If you want to come at me, if you want me to stick around and help service that debt and continue to push the company, bring me on board, for real," he said. "I need to be set for life for this. If you want me to be truly on on board, then I need to be all-in on this proper, as an owner, and have an equity stake in the company. That's what I'm looking for."