Conor McGregor’s Coach Spills the Beans on the Fighter’s Next Moves

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Basically everyone knows that Conor McGregor is a fighting lunatic who talks mad smack about his opponents. It's part of the charm and mystique surounding McGregor. The one-time double champ has been taking some time off to focis on starting his family, but that doesn't mean he isn't preparing for all the fights he has planned for the future.

In fact, McGregor's coach, John Kavanagh, spilled the beans on whom McGregor plans on fighting once his sabbatical is over, and it's exactly whom you'd expect it to be. "What I see happening this year is the Mayweather fight, maybe the end of the summer or something like that”, Kavanagh said before leaving open the possibility of that falling through. “[But] let’s say Mayweather doesn’t want to do it, for whatever reason. Then I could see us fighting in MMA by the end of the summer, [for] the lightweight belt."

Kavanagh also stated he'd like to see McGregor take on Tyron Woodley for the welterweight belt: "I’d fancy him in there with Woodley. He’s just another wrestler with an overhand right, and that’s the type Conor grew up knocking out. So I wouldn’t see a massive challenge in that." Cocky words coming from Mac's coach.

It really seems like McGregor wants to have all the UFC gold around his waist. It would also seem that McGregor isn't too keen on defending those championships. The Irish fighter had one of his titles stripped due to inactivity and lack of defenses. Now it looks like he doesn't have any plans on defending his newly acquired lightweight championship.

Many fans would like to see McGregor defend his title against Khabib Nurmagomedov, the top-ranked fighter in the lightweight division, but Kavanaugh isn't too impressed by the Russian fighter. "If you look at their last couple of fights—Khabib got badly rocked by [Michael] Johnson and he really struggles to make that weight."

We'll have to see what happens once Mystic Mac comes back, but expect another exciting year of fighting.

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