Cowboys Lose Because Terrance Williams Isn’t as Smart as a Mediocre 9-Year-Old ‘Madden’ Player


(Photo: Getty Images)

A year after the New York Giants gifted the Dallas Cowboys a Week 1 victory in the form of repeated clock-management blunders, their NFC East rival returned the favor on Sunday.

Though running back Lance Dunbar inexplicably failed to get out of bounds on the game's final drive with his Cowboys trailing 20-19, the much more memorable gaffe belongs to wideout Terrance Williams, who did the same exact thing, but as time expired.

If he'd turned immediately for the sideline, Williams likely could have reached the Giants' 45-yard line and gotten out of bounds to stop the clock with eight or nine seconds on the clock, giving his team the option of kicking a 60-yard field goal (kicker Dan Bailey had already hit FGs of 56 and 54 yards, with leg to spare) to win the game, or trying a quick slant to get an even closer potential game-winning kick.

Instead, he did this, much to the dismay of fellow receiver Dez Bryant.

As one might expect, the internet reminded the 27-year-old of what just about any nine-year-old with at least a week's worth of playing Madden already knows: With the clock winding down on a crucial final drive, and no timeouts to your team's credit, get the hell out of bounds to stop the clock.

“It was a poor decision on his part," said Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett, slowly dying inside. "We talked to him about that. He understands that. His instincts took over and tok him inside instead of to the sidelines, and we’ll all learn from that situation.”

Williams' excuse: Even though there were three Giants defenders in front of him for the next 10 yards, he thought he could run a circle around just one of them then get out of bounds.

“Obviously, I should have followed the rules and just went out of bounds,” Williams said, apparently not knowing the meaning of "obviously." “The time wasn’t the problem. I was clearly aware of the time. It was just something I was thinking of, and it was a bang-bang moment.”