Cowboys Receiver Cole Beasley Drops A Not-So-Terrible Rap Single

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

Cole Beasley is a man of surprising talents.

The (generously listed as) 5’8″ Dallas Cowboys wide receiver has dropped multiple videos of his throwing down some pretty insane dunks. His not dropping this incredible catch that he pinned to his back earlier this season was also fairly impressive.

Now he’s back to dropping things again: fire, into a microphone.

Or, more accurately, some mildly lukewarm substance.

On Tuesday, the six-year veteran announced he’d be kicking off his rap career.

He released a single, “80 Stings,” from a forthcoming album of the same name.

Nothing amazing, but from the ear-mutilating realm of athletes-turned-artists, it’s Mozart on cocaine.

People (probably just Cowboys fans, really) on Twitter seemed to like it too.

Beasley probably has energy to spare. After securing a career-high 75 catches for another career mark of 833 yards a season ago, the wideout made 36 catches for 314 yards in 2017, his lowest outputs since his rookie year.