Cranky Gregg Popovich Was at His Very Best Last Night

Bradley Whitaker
(Photo: Getty)

I’m a New England Patriots fan, and the only consolation to being eliminated from the playoffs is watching a pissed off Bill Belichick at the podium, not giving anything to the media. I can imagine San Antonio Spurs fans had a similar feeling last night.

Head coach Gregg Popovich was on a roll after his team was on anything but a roll. His interview after the first quarter was short and bitter.

Of course, things only got worse from there in Game 6, as the Oklahoma City Thunder outscored the Spurs 30-12 in the second quarter, all but putting the game and San Antonio's season away.

Despite a strong second half effort, the Spurs weren’t able to make the comeback.

In his postgame press conference, Pop obviously wasn’t in the mood to talk to reporters, the people that annoy him more than anything in the world. And he was saltier than all of the appetizers at P.F. Chang’s.

He's totally Hunger Games Donald Sutherland.

Pop and Belichick really need to have dinner together so they can just b*tch to each other for hours on end.

So the Spurs’ season ends in disappointment after a nearly perfect regular season at home. Many expected a championship or at least a Conference Finals appearance after acquiring LaMarcus Aldridge. But all of the talent in the world won’t help unless you make your shots.

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