Cris Cyborg: Holly Holm Is Tougher Than Amanda Nunes

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

On the heels of her destruction of Holly Holm, Cris Cyborg said she’d prefer not to do the same to countrywoman Amanda Nunes. But she will if she has to.

“I won’t say no to the fight [against Nunes],” Cyborg told her coaches Jason Parillo and Tito Ortiz after her win, as seen in “UFC 219: The Thrill and the Agony.” “I’d say I wouldn’t like it because we are both Brazilians. But if she wants to fight me and the UFC wants …”

It’s not all about her wanting to protect the livelihood of her fellow Brazilian: Cyborg apparently believes a fight with Nunes wouldn’t be as great a challenge as her battle with Holm was.

“I don’t know,” Ortiz chimed in. “After that ass-whooping I don’t think [Nunes] will want to [fight Cyborg].”

“No, I think Holly is more tough than her,” Cyborg responded. “Holly’s tough.”

Unfortunately, as the UFC is a slave to their brand and name recognition, a bout with Nunes appears to be in the offing. With no other women’s featherweights in their stables, Cyborg apparently will be asked asked to face yet another disadvantaged bantamweight.

“Amanda Nunes wants to fight Cyborg,” White told Yahoo Sports. “That is the fight to make, and that is the fight I will make. That’s the fight.

“Amanda Nunes is a big, strong, powerful puncher. I think she matches up very well with Cyborg too, and I think that’s a fun fight. And that’s the fight to make.”

Instead of subjecting yet another bantamweight trying her hand at a heavier division against one of the best to ever do it, the UFC should instead look outside the promotion and at Megan Anderson of Australia, the Invicta FC featherweight champion.

She and Cyborg have already started a social media war and everything.