Stipe Miocic Should Have Listened To Daniel Cormier

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

It amazes me when athletes talk strategy with the media. Particularly before a game/match/fight/race.

Why clue your opponents in on anything, no matter how benign?

Daniel Cormier did just that before his UFC 226 title bout with Stipe Miocic. And the heavyweight champ apparently wasn’t listening.

“There are some things that [Miocic] does, especially when you get out of clinch positions, where his hands are pretty low and that chin is way up in the air,” the light heavyweight champ told Michael Bisping the day before the champ-vs.-champ bout. “He’s got a big ol’ face, and I’m gonna try to crack him upside his head.”

Guess what happened in Las Vegas on Saturday night.

With 30 seconds remaining in the first round, Cormier clinched his opponent, and just as he’d said, Miocic’s hands were down, leaving the window to his face wide open.

“I think [Miocic] tried to block the first uppercut but then the right hook was coming and it landed beautifully,” Cormier said after the fight.

He’s the second fighter to simultaneously hold belts in more than one weight class in UFC history.

Not only is it a victory for Cormier, it’s one for we couch potatoes — if only Miocic had spent the day before his fight in front of a screen like us, maybe he’d have seen this coming.