Joyless College Manager Benches Player For Dope Bat Flip After Monstrous Home Run

Bryan Brandom
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Angelo Altavilla savored the fifth home run of his collegiate career.

And he should have: The junior’s shot was monstrous, clearing Hawks Field entirely. It also gave the Nebraska Cornhuskers a much-needed insurance run against conference foes.

But instead of praise, the solo dinger earned the shortstop a seat on the bench and a hilarious look from a teammate.

Altavilla’s manager, two-time MLB All-Star Darin Erstad, joined Indiana catcher Ryan Fineman in castigating Altavilla for pimping his bomb with a well-earned bat flip.

Then Erstad pulled him out of the game.

His teammate’s face behind the manager was just priceless.

Erstad had a unique MLB career. He was the rare first baseman to regularly hit in the leadoff spot in his early days in the majors, and is still the only player to have won a Gold Glove in the outfield (where he won two) and another in the infield.

But aside from those two facts, he’s apparently no fun at all.

I wonder what effects he thinks the joylessness of the sport’s “unwritten rules” have on North America’s dwindling interest in baseball.