David Ortiz Confronts Magic Johnson About The Lakers Signing LeBron James

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

Every NBA fan is wondering the same thing, and will be until the summer of 2018: Is LeBron James really joining the Los Angeles Lakers next season?

Even David Ortiz.

The Boston Red Sox legend, his fellow retired sluggers Alex Rodriguez and Frank Thomas, and host Kevin Burkhardt welcomed Lakers president of basketball operations and Los Angeles Dodgers part-owner Magic Johnson onto FS1 in advance of Game 2 of the World Series.

Ortiz, apparently a basketball fan, hilariously tried to coax Magic into revealing how he’d get LeBron to LA.

Magic, who landed his team a $500,000 fine for tampering with free agent Paul George this summer, wasn’t falling for it.

“This between you and me, nobody’s watching, nobody needs to know, what is it gonna take to bring LeBron to the Lakers?” Papi asked as the crew erupted with laughter. “I’ll pay the fine! I’ll pay the fine! I’ll pay the fine!”

“I’ll be in trouble! I’ll be in trouble!” Magic said amid fits of laughter. “You know, we’re trying to build a championship team with the Lakers and hopefully next summer, we’ll be in line to sign free agents.”

Then he gave A-Rod the most awkward high-five you’ll ever see.

“That’s how you do it!” he added.

That was a close one.