DeAndre Jordan, DeMarcus Cousins, DeMar DeRozan ‘Accidentally’ Stumbled Into a Brothel in Rio


(Photo: Getty)

Team USA stars DeAndre Jordan, DeMarcus Cousins and DeMar DeRozan learned a valuable lesson this week about exploring a different country. Sometimes places that look like your typical bar are more than just a bar.

According to a report from TMZ Sports, the three players accidentally walked into one of Brazil’s most famous brothels thinking it was a spa. They may or may not have gotten drinks, but the three “De’s” all left once they realized where exactly they were (allegedly).

It’s definitely believable the players simply thought it was a bar and not a brothel because nothing about that place suggests anything unusual. But the “we thought it was a spa” excuse? That seems like a “we don’t want Coach K to know we were out drinking” kind of excuse.

One thing is for sure, if the three De’s really wanted to visit a brothel, they wouldn’t have been dressed like they just came from practice.